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Frequently Asked Questions

What wood is the furniture made from?

Australian hardwoods (Eucalypts) the main species used are ironbark and bloodwood which are reddish in colour. The teak/honey coloured species are Tallowwood, Blackbutt and Spotted Gum. These are all extremely durable species and were used for railway sleepers and power poles.

Where does the wood come from?

The durable Australian Hardwoods are sourced from demolished buildings and factories in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas.

Is it built for full weather exposure?

Absolutely. Many 30 year old pieces still going strong. Lismore City Council have 50 Garden Benches that have been in the main CBD for 20 years and still in excellent condition.

Are the daybed covers and cushions suitable for full weather exposure?

I use the best outdoor ‘marine’ grade fabrics available. All are guaranteed 5 years full weather exposure. See Links

How do I maintain the furniture?

Several finishes available. For high use commercial situations I recommend Intergrain Ultradeck. This should be recoated at least every 3 years for maximum performance. Domestic use I prefer high quality decking oils as these penetrate the timber thus acting as a moisturiser. In full sun it is recommended to apply a coat annually…more the better! A light quick sand with 120 grade sand paper prior oiling will enhance the colour and appearance.

How do I maintain the soft furnishings?

All are machine washable with removable covers.

How is delivery arranged?

I arrange and pay for delivery nationwide. When the furniture arrives and you are delighted with it then you pay!